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Disobedience is a short film about a new phase of the climate movement: courageous action that is being taken on the front lines of the climate crisis on every continent, led by regular people fed up with the power and pollution of the fossil fuel industry.

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After you register, we'll follow up with additional resources so you can ensure you'll have a successful event. You'll be able to edit your event info later, so you don't need to have everything figured out right now -- the important thing is to get started, so register your event below!

Disobedience is being released in the lead-up to the Break Free from Fossil Fuels mobilization. Click here to learn more about Break Free.

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  • You'll need a way to stream and display a live web video (like YouTube) or a downloaded a video file. 
  • As the host, think through how you can use your screening to recruit for a Break Free from Fossil Fuels action. Can you organize a bus to the nearest action? How about a group train ride? And how can you use this screening to energize climate activists in your community? We'll provide talking points, but you'll want to think through how to set up a discussion and agenda that makes sense for you and your group.
  • If you'll be hosting a public event, you should make sure to start on time, and alert anyone who signs up for your event to any changes or important info they need to know. If you cancel your event, you must contact anyone who has RSVP-ed and use the event host dashboard to cancel your event on this site.
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