Defend the Amazon

An Amazon free from oil and gas

The Brazilian Amazon is under threat as the Brazilian oil and gas agency (ANP) moves to auction off more land to foreign fossil fuel companies.

Both deforestation and threats faced by indigenous peoples have increased dramatically in recent years. In all likelihood, those numbers will increase even further due to the lack of regulation and the licensing of land for oil extraction and mining in territories held to be sacred. 

Add your name to help and our local community stand up to ANP to defend the Amazon.  

Say no to oil and gas exploration in the Amazon

Dozens of indigenous communities and conservation areas could be impacted by the oil and gas industry in the Brazilian Amazon. has been working to defend the Amazon since 2015. That same year, we won a ban on oil and shale gas extraction in the Juruá Valley. At that point, Petrobrás could not carry out any activity related to extraction, including flyovers or research.

And yet, the fight must go on!

This fall, the Brazilian oil and gas agency (ANP) plans to hold yet another fossil fuel auction, one that will include indigenous lands and conservation areas.

We must stop them!  

The dismantling of environmental policies entails grave consequences for the whole world. Deforestation and the granting of land for oil extraction and mining, in addition to harming thousands of local families, contributes significantly to global warming and climate change.

Protecting sacred territories such as the Amazon means protecting all of us. Add your name today. 


Say no to oil and gas exploration in the Amazon

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