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President Macron: Stop funding TOTAL!

Having just hosted the One Planet Summit, President Macron of France wants to be seen by the world as an environmental leader. But at the same time he's considering giving millions in taxpayer money to fossil fuel giant TOTAL - so they can drill for gas in the Arctic. 

Let’s take this opportunity to call President Macron out on this duplicity. Add your name to this letter calling on France’s leader to immediately halt all support for fossil fuels!

Having both spoken at the United Nations and hosted a major environmental conference - the One Planet Summit - all in one week, President Macron of France loves to present himself as a climate leader. But at the same time, he’s wanting to provide major support to French oil company Total for a fossil gas project in the Arctic.

If it’s allowed to go ahead, this fossil fuel mega-project could have devastating impacts on the world and worsen the climate crisis we are already in. 

But thanks to the One Planet environmental summit being in the news, all eyes are on its host: President Macron. So let’s take advantage of that fact and call him out on his hypocrisy in supporting polluters like Total.

Together, we will send a letter to President Macron asking him to immediately withdraw his support for polluting fossil fuel projects. Add your name to the letter now!

The French government is in talks with Total to fund a massively polluting fossil gas project in the Arctic. This huge gas project aims to produce and export the equivalent of seven BILLION barrels of oil, twelve times France’s annual consumption. [1]

This isn’t the only dirty project Total is receiving public money for. The company is also on track to set up one of Africa’s biggest fossil fuel projects in Mozambique, a country that is already starting to face the devastating impacts of climate breakdown. 

European governments continue to fund companies to exploit the land, abuse resources, and violate human rights in countries on the other side of the world. This is what modern-day European colonialism looks like. And it needs to be stopped.

President Macron’s is still all over the news after hosting a major environmental summit this week. Together, let’s send him a letter and demand that he stop supporting climate criminals like Total.


[1] France24

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