Have thoughts for the tour?

The day after the election, we're hitting the road to try and spark the movement we need to face up to the climate crisis in the short years we have left to fight it, using the arguments that Bill McKibben laid out in his article in Rolling Stone.

We're looking for help connecting with big name musicians and artists who can help us make these events huge, and folks who can help us book venues large enough to hold our growing movement.

Also, if you have any thoughts on how we can make these events extra-amazing, let us know below.

We're working on booking venues now, so exact dates and cities are subject to change - but here's what we're thinking right now:

November 7th - Seattle, WA
November 8th - Portland, OR
November 9th - San Francisco, CA
November 10th - Los Angeles, CA
November 11th - San Jose/Berkeley, CA
November 13th - Boston, MA
November 15th - Burlington VT / Portland ME
November 16th - New York, NY
November 17th - Philadelphia, PA
November 18th - Washington, D.C
November 19th - North Carolina
November 20th - Atlanta, GA
November 27th - Ohio
November 28th - Chicago, IL
November 29th -  Madison, WI
November 30th -  Minneapolis, MN
December 1rd   - Nebraska/Iowa
December 2rd   - Denver, CO

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I can help book a large venue for an event

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