It's time to blow the whistle on Big Oil's corruption in Congress

The oil industry has contributed $93 million to sitting members of Congress, and in return they've received tens of billions of dollars in subsidies and other handouts. Congress is unable or unwilling to act in our best interests because of the impact that Big Oil's money has on our government.

On January 24th, hundreds of referees went to Capitol Hill to call foul on Congress' corruption. Now, we're taking that same message to communities coast-to-coast, visiting Representatives and Senators in their home districts, and blowing the whistle on business as usual in Congress. (Click here to find out how much your Representatives have taken from Big Oil)

We're looking for folks who can lead events that confront Members of Congress directly to call them out for taking Big Oil's money. If you think you can get a group of 5 or more people together, we can send you ref jerseys, whistles and flags, and a 350 organizer will help you with planning every step of the way.

To lead an action - or join once one is planned in your community - sign up below:

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