62 Senators just voted in favor of a resolution supporting the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

It was a nonbinding vote, but an embarrassing one for everyone who sided with big oil instead of our future.

If one or both of your Senators is among them (full list below), and would like to lead an action while they are in your state over the next two weeks, sign up here to let us know and we'll help you get something organized.

(A 'yes' vote below indicates support for the pipeline)

Mark Begich AK Yes
Lisa Murkowski AK Yes
Jeff Sessions AL Yes
Richard Shelby AL Yes
John Boozman AR Yes
Mark Pryor AR Yes
Jeff Flake AZ Yes
John McCain AZ Yes
Barbara Boxer CA No
Diane Feinstein CA No
Michael Bennet CO Yes
Mark Udall CO No
Richard Blumenthal CT No
Chris Murphy CT No
Thomas Carper DE Yes
Chris Coons DE Yes
Bill Nelson FL Yes
Marco Rubio FL Yes
Saxby Chambliss GA Yes
Johnny Isakson GA Yes
Mazie Hirono HI No
Brian Schatz HI No
Charles Grassley IA Yes
Tom Harkin IA No
Michael Crapo ID Yes
Jim Risch ID Yes
Richard Durbin IL Yes
Mark Kirk IL Yes
Daniel Coats IN Yes
Joe Donnelly IN No
Jerry Moran KS Yes
Pat Roberts KS Yes
Mitch McConnell KY Yes
Rand Paul KY Yes
Mary Landrieu LA Yes
David Vitter LA Yes
Mo Cowan MA No
Elizabeth Warren MA No
Benjamin Cardin MD No
Barbara Mikulski MD No
Susan Collins ME Yes
Angus King ME No
Carl Levin MI No
Debbie Stabenow MI No
Al Franken MN No
Amy Klobuchar MN No
Roy Blunt MO Yes
Claire McCaskill MO Yes
Thad Cochran MS Yes
Roger Wicker MS Yes
Max Baucus MT Yes
Jon Tester MT Yes
Richard Burr NC Yes
Kay Hagan NC Yes
Heidi Heitkamp ND Yes
John Hoeven ND Yes
Deb Fischer NE Yes
Mike Johanns NE Yes
Kelly Ayotte NH Yes
Jeanne Shaheen NH No
Frank Lautenberg NJ Did not vote
Robert Menendez NJ No
Martin Heinrich NM No
Tom Udall NM No
Dean Heller NV Yes
Harry Reid NV No
Kirsten Gillibrand NY No
Charles Schumer NY No
Sherrod Brown OH No
Rob Portman OH Yes
Tom Coburn OK Yes
James Inhofe OK Yes
Jeff Merkley OR No
Ron Wyden OR No
Bob Casey PA Yes
Patrick Toomey PA Yes
Jack Reed RI No
Sheldon Whitehouse RI No
Lindsey Graham SC Yes
Tim Scott SC Yes
Tim Johnson SD Yes
John Thune SD Yes
Lamar Alexander TN Yes
Bob Corker TN Yes
John Cornyn TX Yes
Ted Cruz TX Yes
Orrin Hatch UT Yes
Mike Lee UT Yes
Tim Kaine VA No
Mark Warner VA Yes
Patrick Leahy VT No
Bernard Sanders VT No
Maria Cantwell WA No
Patty Murray WA No
Tammy Baldwin WI No
Ron Johnson WI Yes
Joe Manchin WV Yes
John Rockefeller WV No
John Barrasso WY Yes
Mike Enzi WY No
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