Keep the pressure on coal-loving politicians


We think that taking collective action is one of the most powerful ways we can make change.

That’s what the #RiseForClimate mobilisation is all about: people coming together in their communities to call on local leaders to commit to real climate action.

But the call for climate action doesn't stop after our day of action. This is just the beginning.

After Rise for Climate, we have to make sure we keep that pressure up, and remind local leaders what a fossil free world means: no new fossil fuel projects and committing to a fast and fair transition to 100% renewable energy before it’s too late.

That’s where you come in. YOU have the power to organise with your friends, colleagues, and neighbours to take action together. Whether you’re educating your community, running a pressure campaign to pass a climate-friendly policy, or implementing local climate solutions, your involvement is important.

Joining a local group – or starting a local group in your community – is one of the most powerful ways we can take action. This is because when we act together and target our local decision-makers, our voices are stronger and connected to issues that face our friends, family and neighbours.

When we join a local group, we also have the support of other passionate people who are trying to make a real difference. Becoming a member of a local group is an opportunity to join with like-minded people and forge stronger connections in our community.

We have amazing local teams around the country - well organised, well trained and passionate community members standing up.

Will you stand together with people in your local community and fight for a Fossil Free future?

Authorised by Glen Klatovsky, Australia, 50 Reservoir St, Surry Hills, Sydney NSW, 2010.

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