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The rise of the right & the climate movement in Europe

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It starts at 7:30pm Central Europe Time on Wednesday 15th February.

Right-wing forces are on the rise across our continent, bolstered by Trump’s recent election as US president and his first acts in office. They sow division and hatred, dismiss science (climate science first and foremost), and reinforce existing inequalities.

Opposition to those forces is the responsibility of all, and it needs to happen now and into the future, or it will undermine the very foundations of our work for climate justice. In fact, the climate crisis is being driven by the same forces perpetuating and escalating inequality, racism, and the rise of the right.

This webinar hosted by is an opportunity to hear about the connections between the rise of the right and the climate crisis, to ask questions, and to discuss how we as a movement can respond.

You’ll hear from campaigners and activists working on these issues across Europe now, and get concrete ideas for action.

There are many ways we can take action, by resisting, withdrawing our cooperation and building genuine solidarity. Join activists across Europe to discuss how we can oppose the rise of the right and work together for a safe climate and a just, equitable world.

We don’t have all the answers but we know something must be done. Join the conversation to help us work this out together.

This webinar is a chance to hear from some inspiring campaigners, share your concerns, and get equipped to take action wherever you are. You can read some of the 350 Europe team's initial thoughts on this matter here.

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