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We need a Green New Deal

The Green New Deal is a government-led plan to tackle climate breakdown and build a society where all of us can live better lives.

We are people from all walks of life coming together to win a brighter future. The kind of change we’re calling for is big and ambitious – it needs people everywhere to stand up and fight for it.

Over the next 6 months, we're running a huge series of trainings to grow the Green New Deal movement and kick off campaigning in towns and cities across the UK.

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The Green New Deal is a plan to:

  1. Rapidly cut our emissions by modernising our energy, transport, housing and food systems
  2. Create millions of secure and well-paid jobs that benefit our communities and cut carbon – jobs that are desperately needed to prevent mass unemployment after the pandemic
  3. Build thriving public services – investing and expanding our health and social care, transport and education systems
  4. Tackle rampant inequality by investing first in communities that need it most
  5. Stand shoulder to shoulder with people around the world fighting for a safe climate and fair chance.

Read more about the campaign on the 350 UK website >>

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