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The Green New Deal is a plan to transform our economy, secure a liveable climate, and build a more just society in the process.

We can’t sit back and rely on politicians or corporations to deliver the massive change we need by themselves. It is up to us to build a movement that can shift the balance of power, and to force political action at every level.

Following the Global Climate Strike, we’ll be working with a new group of young leaders to seed campaigns in towns and cities across the UK.

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Over the next 6 months, we will train and mentor a new group of young leaders to work for a Green New Deal in their communities. We will also work to bring thousands of people out on the streets to join the Global Climate Strike and launch our call for a Green New Deal on September 20th.

Our vision for a Green New Deal in the UK:

  1. Public investment to transform the economy – creating good jobs, quality housing and services, and affordable energy for all.
  2. End the age of fossil fuels – stop digging, stop drilling, stop polluting.
  3. Fund the global transition – stop money pouring into fossil fuel projects around the world, and redirect it to fund a fair transition.

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