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Freeze fossil fuels

350.org Australia are calling for a transition to a Fossil Free world.

But we need this transition to be fast.

We are already working to stop the use of fossil fuels and transition our world to 100% renewable energy – and we are calling on politicians and institutions to follow our lead.

Will you make a pledge to ask your local council to divest from fossil fuels?

Divestment is the opposite of an investment – it simply means getting rid of stocks, bonds, or investment funds that are unethical or morally ambiguous.

Fossil fuel divestment takes the fossil fuel industry to task for its culpability in the climate crisis and can help break the hold that the fossil fuel industry has on our economy and our governments.

35 councils around Australia have already divested from fossil fuels, and many are joining the move to renewables as well.

Globally, we are seeing game-changing shifts. In January, New York City divested all of its investments from fossil fuels. On top of that, the city is suing five of the big oil companies for their role in climate change. In recent weeks we have seen the City of London join the divestment movement.

What has your local council done?

Sign on here to call on your council to join the other 35 Australian councils – along with New York, London, Paris and San Francisco – to lead the way in solving the climate crisis.

Together we can freeze fossil fuels.

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