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EU Parliament elections, June 2024

How to vote in the EU elections

Predictions are showing very worrying results for the EU election in June. A new parliament that promotes corporate profits over people and planet would block critical climate action and other urgently needed progressive change across Europe. But it's not too late to prevent this!

Research shows that planning ahead makes it easier for everyone to vote and more people make it to the polls. You can use this simple guide to make a plan to vote with a calendar event and get a reminder on election day. Then you can spread it to family and friends and encourage them to join in.

For all the campaigns we hope to win together for the future we want, we need EVERYONE to vote.

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Note: the election is taking place in most EU countries on Sunday June 9. However, if you live in the Netherlands, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, Slovakia or Czechia, you will vote on June 6, 7 or 8 and can click here to add to your calendar.

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