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Get Your Art to End Fossil Fuels

Images of some of the art that could be distributed

Key background information from our partners at Fossil Free Media:

This campaign is intended to help people visually connect the dots between extreme weather and the fossil fuel companies causing it and support groups, activists and movements mobilizing around the March to End Fossil Fuels as well as Sept 15 & 17 Global Day of Action. We are calling for an end to fossil fuel financing and demanding that the Biden administration take real climate action by stopping fossil fuels projects and declaring a climate emergency.

You can paste up the art street-art style on walls, display in windows/on fences/walls, use it for pop-up art shows, or use as visuals-signs for public actions. Artwork and how-to kit:

Once you sign up, we will send you copies of the Street Art newspapers. Please be precise when entering your address. Allow 1-2 weeks for shipping. We are only able to ship within the US and Canada (Canada shipments may take longer and we limit to just 5 papers).

We will ship you 5 papers, each paper has 5 posters–a total of 25 posters.  If you can use more posters, let us know below and we’ll send you more. 

Please Note: We will be sharing your info with our partners at Fossil Free Media (FFM), who will send you the art. FFM won't save or share your information.


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