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Make them pay!

Shell just made the biggest profits ever in its 115-year history. And other fossil fuel giants are also making obscene profits.

We need a proper Windfall Tax. Sign the petition to call on Rishi Sunak to make polluters pay for rising energy bills and the green energy transition.

Right now, fossil fuel companies like BP and Shell, and their wealthy shareholders, are making enormous profits from trashing the planet.

Last year, the Government introduced a windfall tax on fossil fuel companies’ mega profits, but it was so full of loopholes and vague commitments that at one point Shell expected to pay no UK tax in 2022. In the end their windfall tax was less than 0.5% of their total profits! [1] 

Let’s join the growing call for a proper windfall tax on oil and gas giants - a campaign that was first started by inspirational campaigners like Fuel Poverty Action.

All of us are suffering and losing money right now, because BP and Shell are choosing to profit from this energy crisis. Now’s the time for the Government to properly tax them – and use their profits to help people in need.

[1] BBC

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