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Sign Now: Warm This Winter

Oil and gas companies are getting richer while people are forced to choose between feeding their families or heating their homes. Our government’s failure to act will have catastrophic effects this winter and it's going to affect all of us. But it will hit disabled and older people, and those on lower incomes the hardest., along with other leading anti-poverty and environmental organisations, have united to create Warm This Winter, to help tackle rising energy bills and ensure energy is affordable for everyone in the future.

Together, we have four demands for the UK government:

  1. Emergency support now: Provide a new package of financial support to people who, without additional urgent action, will be on the front-line of poverty this winter.
  2. Help to upgrade homes: Launch a properly-funded programme of home upgrades and insulation across the UK to bring down bills and prevent energy waste.
  3. Cheap energy: More than triple the amount of renewable energy in the UK by 2030, including wind and solar generated in harmony with nature, so that we can permanently lower bills.
  4. Free us from oil and gas: Stop opening up new oil and gas fields so that we can escape our dependence on volatile fossil fuels. 

Will you join us and call on the Government to act now to keep everyone warm this winter?

The energy regulator OFGEM announced that energy bills will rise to a staggering £3,549 this October, pushing millions into fuel poverty. At the same time fossil fuel companies like Shell and BP have repeatedly announced record profits.

We know that the OFGEM announcement isn’t a one off. Bills will continue to rise because we are locked into a broken energy system. We need short term support to get people through this winter but we also need the solutions that give us all safe warm homes and access to clean reliable energy for years to come. 

Will you join us and call on the Government to act now to keep everyone warm this winter?

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