Tell WA Ballet to barre Woodside's sponsorship

There’s nothing graceful about Woodside’s plan to expand the oil and gas industry, but the Western Australian Ballet is dancing with them into the climate crisis. 

Community partnerships and sponsorships like this have long been a tactic used by gas and coal companies to improve their public image and build social licence.

The arts, dance, culture all make a thriving society and show us new ways to see the world, but right now WA Ballet partners with Woodside, one of Australia’s dirtiest fossil fuel companies. 

Sign this petition calling on the WA Ballet Board to cut ties with Woodside and dance into a better future for all.

To Sherry Due and the board of WA Ballet,

We love our dancers, artists, musicians and performers who grace our stages and make Western Australia a great place to live, but associating the WA Ballet with Woodside’s dirty oil and gas business is not en pointe.

Dirty fossil fuels like oil & gas are driving climate damage and worsening Australia’s bushfires and floods. Like cigarettes, gas threatens the health and safety of people around the world

We urge you to scrap your partnership with Woodside immediately.

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