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Tell Marsh: Drop EACOP

One leak from the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) could poison the water that over 40 million people depend on for food and their livelihoods.

But if we can prevent EACOP from getting insured, we can stop this devastating project.

A powerful US insurance broker, Marsh, is trying to find crucial insurance for it. 

Our movement has got corporations to pull out before - 25 major banks and 23 insurers have now said no to the pipeline. Together we can do it again.

Let's make sure Marsh feels the heat. Sign the petition: Marsh, drop EACOP!

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We’re calling on the President and CEO of Marsh to stop working with French oil giant, TotalEnergies, and not to broker insurance for the East African Crude Oil Pipeline.

This pipeline would cause devastation for the people of Uganda and Tanzania. If built, nearly a third of the pipeline would run through the basin of Africa’s largest lake, Lake Victoria, which more than 40 million people depend on for food and their livelihoods.

Just one spill or leak could have catastrophic effects on this vital resource.

Local activists in Uganda and Tanzania have been fighting to halt EACOP for years. And up until now, insurers and brokers have been able to profit and avoid accountability for their role in enabling destruction. But in February 2023, 10 Ugandan and Tanzanian organisations launched a complaint against Marsh with the US Government - that changes things. Now the broker Marsh is being directly called out for its critical role in human rights and environmental violations through insuring EACOP.

This is our moment to ramp up the pressure on them, stand with communities in East Africa and show them we won’t back down.

It’s time they did the right thing by the communities and future generations and withdraw their support for the East African Crude Oil Pipeline.

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