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Tell Marsh: Drop EACOP

If we can stop the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) from getting insured, we have the chance to stop this devastating project. 

20 major banks and 12 insurers have already said no to the pipeline and the company behind the project, Total, is still short by at least $3 billion – which is why our pressure is absolutely critical.

But one of the most powerful US insurance brokers, Marsh, is trying to help get it over the line by finding insurance for it. So let’s use this moment to ramp up the pressure on Marsh McLennan to drop this disastrous pipeline. 

Please sign our letter to the CEO of Marsh and tell them to drop EACOP.

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Dear President and CEO of Marsh, Daniel Glaser,

It is imperative that you withdraw your support for the East African Crude Oil Pipeline and choose not to broker insurance for this project. 

This pipeline would cause devastation for the people of Uganda and Tanzania. If built, nearly a third of the pipeline would run through the basin of Africa’s largest lake, Lake Victoria, which more than 40 million people depend on for water and food production. It would cross more than 200 rivers and force 100,000 people from their land. 

Just one spill or leak could have catastrophic effects on these vital freshwater sources and the millions of people that depend on them.

Local activists in Uganda and Tanzania have been fighting to halt EACOP for years. Meanwhile, the latest UN climate report said we cannot build any new oil and gas projects if we hope to keep global heating to 1.5 degrees. 

Please do right by the communities and future generations and withdraw your support for the East African Crude Oil Pipeline. 

Thank you. 

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