Tell Texas Rep. Lamar Smith and the House Committee on Space, Science, and Technology:

We stand with and defend our First Amendment rights to advocate for climate action. We will continue to spread the truth about what #ExxonKnew and demand a full investigation into their lies. We want to know what’s really behind this investigation: how you are working with Exxon and their allies?


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Texas Congressman Lamar Smith and his House Committee just issued a subpoena to us for our work on #ExxonKnew. We're sending them a clear message: we will not back down.

In fact, we have some questions of our own for Rep. Smith. Has he or anyone in his Committee had any private meetings with Exxon or fossil fuel lobbyists? Are they coordinating with industry lobbyists? Do the hundreds of thousands of dollars he has received from oil and gas companies have anything to do with his motivations for this sham investigation?

This Congressional investigation is clear evidence that pressure from people is working. Exxon and their allies are scrambling to contain the damage from the revelations that they knew about climate change for decades and lied to their shareholders and the American people.

Add your name to our letter to Rep. Smith and the House Committee on Space, Science, and Technology to show them that we will not back down.

Image by:Linda Cooke