Tell the Democratic Party:

Get serious about climate change:
  • Ban Fracking
  • Oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • Oppose new oil and gas drilling along the Gulf Coast, and all public lands
  • Support President Obama's Keystone XL "climate test" for all fossil fuel projects


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The Democrats are not just in a race against Donald Trump -- they are in a race against time to keep fossil fuels in the ground. The stakes this November are too high: the Democratic Party needs to answer Trump's climate denial with a call for serious action for climate justice.

This weekend in Orlando, the Democratic Party will decide on their platform for 2016. We need to put the pressure on now to tell them to step up and do what's right for the climate.

During the primaries, 350 Action turned Exxon's climate lies into a defining political issue and helped get Secretary Clinton on the right side of history by opposing the Keystone XL pipeline. Once again the climate movement can turn the tide against the fossil fuel industry by telling the Democratic Party to stand for climate justice. 

Image by:Shannon Straney/Survival Media Agency