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Tax Big Oil to Fund a Just Transition

Canada's oil and gas sector is making record profits. Meanwhile, the rest of us struggle with surging prices and more extreme weather. It’s time to make polluters pay their fair share.

We know we can’t trust these companies to direct their record profits into climate solutions. Our government needs to take the decision out of their hands with a Windfall Profits Tax. 

Join thousands of people across the country calling on Justin Trudeau and Steven Guilbeault to tax the excess profits of fossil fuel companies to pay for loss and damage, and fund a just transition to 100% clean energy that puts workers and communities first.

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People need relief. Canada's oil and gas sector is making record profits while working people across the country continue to struggle with the rising cost of living. Meanwhile, the climate crisis these companies created is devastating whole communities with supercharged extreme weather.

Climate action must be rooted in justice. That means holding those responsible to account and making them pay their fair share to fix the problem they created. It’s time to tax Big Oil’s excess profits to fund real solutions to the climate crisis that protect communities over corporate profit. 

It’s clear that these companies won’t invest in real climate solutions on their own. Instead, they’re spending this year’s record profits on share buybacks, dividends and executive bonuses. You need to stand up to them. The UK, Spain, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria all made the wise decision to tax excess oil and gas profits earlier this year. Why has your government refused to do the same?

The only way to get at the roots of the climate emergency and skyrocketing inequality before these crises spiral into catastrophe is with a rapid, economy-wide transformation that gets us off fossil fuels for good. You must make polluters pay their fair share. Otherwise, this unprecedented transition and the escalating climate crisis will continue to crush communities and working people across the country.

I urge you to make the fossil fuel companies that caused the climate crisis pay for the surging costs of climate disasters like Hurricane Fiona. Tax Big Oil’s excess profits to fund a Just Transition to 100% clean energy.

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