Tell Prime Minister Trudeau:

It's time for real climate action. That means freezing the expansion of the tar sands and committing to a justice-based transition to a clean energy economy.


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Climate change demands urgent, decisive action.

As we approach the most important round of international climate negotiations of the decade, we need a deliberate, steady plan to wean Canada off volatile boom-and-bust oil revenues, and reorient our economy toward 21st—not 19th—century technology.

When you find yourself in a hole like this, the first rule is simple: stop digging. This is literally what we need Prime Minister Trudeau to commit to. Freeze the expansion of the tar sands and commit to a justice-based transition to a clean energy economy. No huge new mines on top of the ones that already scar the landscape, poison the environment, and violate Indigenous and treaty rights. Instead, build a just, clean energy economy that works for people and the planet.

Tell Prime Minister Trudeau that climate action and the tar sands just don’t mix.