We are launching this call to gather in Pau in early April in order to prevent new climate crimes


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 3 months after COP21, will the commitments of the Paris Agreement, hailed as “revolutionary”, yield to fossil fuels companies' interest?

Early April, the main fossil companies will meet for an international summit with a simple goal: organize the climate destruction.

Major companies (Total, Shell, Repsol, BP etc.) and deepwater oil and gas operators will meet in Pau from the 5th through the 7th of April for the “MCE Deepwater Development” summit in order to devisestrategies to dig out every last drop of oil from the planet and its oceans. A summit in order to drill further, deeper, and for always more profit.

Just when it is about to be ratified, the Paris agreement and its objective to keep global warming “well below 2 °C“ runs the risk of drowning in deepwater. 

The COP21 commitments have to move from diplomatic promises to concrete realities. We have to turn the page of fossil fuels. Between the Pau summit and the climate, we have to choose!

Choosing the climate implies halting the production of new fossil fuel deposits and protecting the Ocean.

For this reason, we ask the French government to:

  • stop all types of funding going to the fossil fuel industry: neither subsidies, nor investments in coal, gas and oil

  • cancel all current drilling licences and to stop delivering new exploration or production licences to fossil fuel companies

Money should be used to fund the transition towards fair and sustainable societies. It should also be used to fund the conversion of industries and workers from the fossil fuel sector.


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