I stand in solidarity with the Pacific Warriors

The Pacific Warriors are not acting alone, I stand in solidarity with them and frontline communities around the world. The Pacific Climate Warriors are speaking for frontline communities around the world who will be hit first and worst by the catastrophic climate change your companies are supporting. Together we are calling for an end to the industries that are threatening their homes and their culture. I will not let them drown, I am fighting alongside them.


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The Pacific Climate Warriors have traveled from 12 Pacific Islands to Australia, to take the fight to save their homes directly to the fossil fuel industry.

Using traditional canoes, 30 Pacific Climate Warriors paddled into the oncoming path of coal ships in an effort to shut down the world’s biggest coal port for a day.

We know the Pacific Warriors actions are going to be so powerful the fossil fuel industry will need to launch their multi-million dollar PR machines in an attempt to dismiss them. But we are going to make so much noise that that we will be impossible for even the most mighty PR machine to dismiss.

Stand with the Pacific Warriors and show the fossil fuel industry, and the world, that they are not acting alone by adding your name to the letter of solidarity on this page.

By signing on this letter you will show the fossil fuel industry that the Pacific Climate Warriors are supported by people from around the world.