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We expect a 5-year plan that rejects ALL new offshore drilling for oil and gas. No new drilling in the Arctic, no new drilling in the Atlantic, and no new drilling in the Gulf. If we’re going to meet our climate targets, we need to stop greenlighting new fossil fuel extraction. If you want to be a leader on climate change, you need to start keeping fossil fuels in the ground.


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The Obama Administration just released the latest draft of their offshore drilling plan. Thanks to grassroots pressure, the plan no longer includes an expansion of drilling off the Atlantic seaboard, as had been expected. That’s a win for people power -- but a partial one.

The current version of this plan still allows drilling in the Arctic and off the Gulf Coast. And that’s still unacceptable.

This plan is arguably one of the last, most important decisions that the Obama Administration will make on climate change. It determines how much oil and gas we’re going to drill in American waters, and where we’re going to allow it to happen. But the only plan that reflects the severity of the climate crisis and the commitments we made in the Paris Climate Agreement -- to keep warming below 2 degrees Celsius -- would be a virtually blank page.

We’re calling on President Obama to say no to all new offshore drilling. That includes zero new drilling in the Arctic and zero new drilling off the Gulf Coast.

We’re done saying yes to fossil fuel projects that dig us deeper into the climate crisis. We’re done opening up the melting Arctic to the same companies causing its destruction, and we’re done writing off the Gulf Coast as a sacrifice zone.

We’re ready to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Image by:Backbone Campaign