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Tell Biden to support a Big Oil Windfall Profits Tax now

While working families are struggling to fuel their cars and heat their homes, the fossil fuel industry continues to rake in record profits, or windfalls.

We’re calling on Biden to demand accountability for rising gas prices. 

Can you add your name to our petition calling on Biden to support a Big Oil Windfall Profits Tax now?


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Exxon Mobil reported its highest earnings ever this past quarter (surpassing its previous record set just three months earlier), while Shell and Chevron reported their second-highest quarterly profit ever.

But since then, oil company profits have continued to skyrocket while regular Americans suffer.

You warned that your team will work with Congress to look at options available including paying a higher tax on their excess profits. 

But the time for warnings is over, we need action. We know that Big Oil will continue to maximize profits no matter the cost – it’s what they’ve done for decades.

We're calling on you to support a windfall tax on Big Oil now. Please hold Big Oil accountable for high gas prices and put that money back in the pockets of Americans and into expanding renewable energy. 

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