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JICA: Don’t Fund Matarbari Coal Plant in Bangladesh

The Japanese Government must immediately stop the Japan International Cooperation Agency from investing in the 1320MW Matarbari Phase 2 coal plant in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is reeling from the impacts of the climate crisis; building a coal plant would bring more misery than development.

JICA would save lives in Bangladesh by supporting renewable energy

Though Japan has some of the strongest emission standards at home, overseas coal plants funded by its public funding agencies apply lenient emission limits on air pollutants. Japan is effectively exporting pollution, causing illness, death, environmental degradation, and climate change in Bangladesh. 

Air pollution increases the risk of diseases such as stroke, lung cancer, heart and respiratory illness in adults, and respiratory infections in children. Bangladesh’s air quality is ranked the worst globally, and further pollution from the Matarbari coal plants will add to premature deaths and other health hazards. The number of premature deaths would be up to 14,000 due to air pollution by the Matarbari coal-fired power plant in 30 years since it goes into operation. JICA’s finance for the Matarbari coal plants also contradicts its stated aim of achieving Sustainable development Goals. 

JICA would save lives in Bangladesh by supporting renewable energy

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