Stop Heartland's Climate Denial!

A conservative think-tank that specializes in peddling climate denial has done something truly outrageous.

The Heartland Institute has paid to put up billboards in Chicago comparing anyone who believes in Climate Change to the Unabomber and Charles Manson. Here's one example:

Heartland Unabomber Billboard

Comparing people who accept the science of climate change to mass murderers is despicable -- and it's up to this movement to take a stand against it by signing this petition.

UPDATE: The Heartland Institute pulled the billboards shortly after our campaign launched, and our friends at Forecast the Facts are continuing the campaign against Heartland's climate denial. 

Tell the Heartland Institute and their Corporate Sponsors:

"I demand that the Heartland Institute issues a public apology for comparing the majority of Americans who accept the science of climate change to the Unabomber. Additionally, all public corporations should immediately end their funding and support of the Heartland Institute in light of Heartland's ongoing and extreme support of climate change denial."


(Not you? Click here.)