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To hold the Australian Government accountable and stop dredging, dumping and coal port expansions on the Great Barrier Reef


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The Great Barrier Reef is threatened by the world's largest coal port expansion -- and we have just 48 hours to make our voices heard to stop this travesty.

Right now, companies and investors from around the world have their eye on Australia, with dangerous plans to double Australian coal exports and triple carbon emissions over the coming years. These plans will lead us straight to climate catastrophe.

But there's still hope: Expressing deep concern about these plans, UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee has threatened to place the Great Barrier Reef on its 'in danger' list, which would place significant pressure on the Australian Government to stop these ports from being built. This month, the committee will vote on whether to continue this pressure. And we need your help to make sure they make the right decision.

We know that this decision matters. The Australian Government doesn’t want to be shamed over its treatment of one the world’s most precious natural icons. And potential investors in the coal port expansion have directly cited UNESCO’s concerns as reasons for not financing this project.

To date, UNESCO has done everything it can to stand up for the Reef, and in turn our climate. But the Australian Government, and the coal industry, will be putting significant pressure on them to back down. That’s why we need to show UNESCO that we support their efforts.

Our best chance of stopping this dangerous plan from moving forward is to create a global chorus of voices joining together to urge UNESCO to protect the reef and our climate.

Add your voice to this combined global call to action, and our friends at the World Wildlife Fund for Nature will make sure your voice is delivered to delegates in Doha.

Image by:Greenpeace / Michael Amendolia