Tell Minister Hunt:

The last thing the world needs is new polluting coal from the Galilee Basin. The last thing our Great Barrier Reef needs is one of the world’s largest coal ports and hundreds of ships travelling through its precious waters each year. And the last thing our climate needs is massive new coal mines tipping the global carbon budget past the point of no return. So it’s simple -- we don’t need the Abbot Point approvals process. It’s a no-brainer. Give it the punt Minister Hunt!


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Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt is once again faced with the task of assessing the proposal for the Abbot Point coal port expansion and his Department is asking for comment on the process.

But this decision is a no-brainer. Minister Hunt and the Federal Government should simply put the approvals process in the trash. The last thing our climate and the Great Barrier Reef need is the mega coal mines of the Galilee Basin, the Abbot Point coal port expansion and hundreds of ships travelling across the Reef each year. 

Join us in telling Mr Hunt that this is an easy decision - he can and must reject Abbot Point outright.