Vanguard International is willing to create a new ethical fund just for New Zealanders! This is an opportunity for Kiwis to have a fossil free Kiwisaver. 
We know that a fund can't be ethical with fossil fuels in it.
Let's let Simplicity know that there is real demand for an ethical Kiwisaver option for New Zealanders that excludes fossil fuels! 

Dear Mr Stubbs (Managing Director, Simplicity KiwiSaver), 

I am aware that Vanguard International funds are the basis for Simplicity's Kiwisaver plan. Vanguard has stated that they are interested in creating a new fund specially for Kiwis concerned about ethical investment.

As you are in constant communication with Vanguard about building a fund that will exclude investments in cluster bombs and nuclear weapons, it is clear that you understand New Zealanders' concerns. As a new provider, this presents a great opportunity for you to have a fund that is also committed to being fossil free. 

Kiwisaver exists to give Kiwis the opportunity to invest in our futures. However, through climate change, the fossil fuel industry is on track to make the future unliveable - unless we stop them. 

Fossil fuels are comparable to munitions when it comes to the havoc they wreak - they destroy entire towns villages, create starvation and drought, and collapse ecosystems.  

Climate change is the biggest challenge that humanity has ever faced, and it is completely reprehensible to invest in fossil fuels at a time when science tells us that we must leave fossil fuels in the ground, and transition to a clean energy future.

There is huge demand for a fossil free fund, and I (and many others), will not switch to an "ethical" fund that invests in fossil fuels. 
I urge you to seize this opportunity and add fossil fuel extraction companies to the list of industries that your new ethical fund will exclude. 

I look forward to being able to make the switch! 



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Right now, Vanguard International and Simplicity KiwiSaver are listening. They want to do what New Zealanders think is the ethical thing.We know that a fund can't be ethical while it has fossil fuels in it.
Let's let them know where we stand. 

Kiwis are concerned about our KiwiSaver funds being invested indirectly in companies that make cluster bombs, anti-personnel mines and nuclear weapons. Vanguard International is looking for alternatives to offer here, and willing to create a new ethical fund just for New Zealanders.

Simplicity, the new non-profit Kiwisaver plan, can get Vanguard to exclude fossil fuels from this fund too. Vanguard International funds are the basis for Simplicity's Kiwisaver plan, and the two companies are in discussions about what an ethical fund would involve. 

Kiwisaver exists for Kiwis to invest in our futures. The fossil fuel industry is on track to make the future unliveable - unless we stop it. And here's one opportunity to block them!

Let's show Simplicity that there is huge support to make this fund fossil free, so that New Zealanders can make smart decisions with their money.