Fossil Fuels are like cluster bombs for the climate. Tell the NZ Super Fund to do the right thing and divest from fossil fuels!

Dear Mr Orr, 

As the CEO of NZ Super Fund, I know that you are concerned with the future of New Zealanders, and will endeavour to serve our best interests. 

I understand that the NZ Super Fund will be considering divestment from the fossil fuel industry in the coming months. New Zealanders want their savings to be ethical, and you have a real opportunity to do the right thing and go fossil free. 

NZ Super Fund exists to give Kiwis the opportunity to invest in our futures. However, through climate change, the fossil fuel industry is on track to make the future unliveable. Fossil fuels are comparable to munitions when it comes to the havoc they wreak - they destroy entire towns villages, create starvation and drought, and collapse ecosystems.  

Climate change is the biggest challenge that humanity has ever faced, and it is completely reprehensible to invest in oil, coal and gas at a time when science tells us that we must leave them in the ground and transition to a clean energy future.

There is huge demand for a fossil free Super Fund. I urge you to seize this opportunity and add fossil fuel extraction and production companies to the list of industries that your fund excludes. 

I look forward to seeing your leadership in this area. 



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NZ Super Fund exists to give Kiwis the opportunity to invest in our future. They set the benchmark for ethical investment in Aotearoa.Yet they still invest in fossil fuels.  

In light of the recent public outrage around unethical investments, they have indicated that they will be deciding on whether or not to divest from fossil fuels in the next few months. This is our chance to help the industry get it right.

By contributing to climate change, the fossil fuel industry is on track to making the future unliveable. Fossil fuels are like cluster bombs for the climate: it is completely unethical to profit from destroying the world - and they'll keep doing it unless we stop them.

If the NZ Super Fund is committed to acting on climate change, they should not be investing in fossil fuels.

Vanguard, the international investment giant that provides the fund options for many KiwiSaver funds, will follow the NZ Super Fund's ethical guidelines for its new ethical fund for New Zealand. We want to make sure that these guidelines are robust and effective. In order for Vanguard to divest from fossil fuels, NZ Super Fund must divest first.  

In November the NZ Super Fund is hosting the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds, and the focus of the conference is climate change.This is an opportunity for us to drastically shape the investment space in New Zealand, and change the behaviour of a major international player. Let's make sure that the NZ Super Fund puts our money where it's mouth is and divests from fossil fuels!