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Secure bold new rules for renewables!

The European Parliament is about to vote on a proposal to label fossil gas and nuclear energy as "green"!

It sounds ridiculous but unless we speak out urgently, they could give this absurd proposal the thumbs up. And this means billions of euros earmarked for green fuels would end up going to the fossil fuel and nuclear industries instead of being channeled into renewables like solar and wind. 

Our MEPs have the power to stop to this so let's ensure enough of them vote the right way by creating a massive public outcry now.

Sign the urgent petition calling on the European Parliament to back funding renewables over dirty and dangerous fuels.

Tell the European Parliament: 
Europe must reach its 2030 and 2050 climate targets as well as ensure its energy independence. This means the European Union must not consider toxic and dirty energy sources as “green” investments. Please veto the Commission's Complementary Climate Taxonomy Delegated Act.

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