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We call on you to protect the freedom of speech of Australians - it is a basic right to be able to voice concern to consumers about the environmental impacts of companies and products.

The provisions in Australian law, which enable campaigns based on environmental or consumer concerns to be exempt from the ban on secondary boycotts is important legislation that ensures the freedom of speech in Australia. 

As concerned citizens of the world and Australia, we urge you not to repeal these provisions. We urge you to stand up for free speech in Australia.

We support fossil fuel divestment, and we are a global movement.


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Coal companies in Australia are pushing the government to make our fossil fuel divestment campaign and other boycotts illegal. We need your help to push back.

In an article in the Guardian last week, the Minerals Council of Australia called us a “small number of noisy extremists from creating the false impression that the community does not support Australia’s second-largest export sector.”

It's true: we are noisy. But the real extremists are the coal and mining companies that are willing to wreck our country and climate for profit. We think it's actually pretty reasonable to try and maintain a planet somewhat like the one we were born into.

We need to show the coal and mining companies, and the conservative Australian government, that we're not backing down from this campaign. Instead, we're going to turn up the heat.

Let's show them that we're anything but a small group of extremists. The divestment movement is a HUGE network of schoolteachers, pastors, students, parents, and regular folks who think it's time to invest in a real future and a livable climate. Add your voice if you're one of them.

The Minerals Council of Australia can't win the fossil fuel divestment argument on the merits. Their desperate insistence that climate change isn't an issue, Australians love coal, and their toxic products are good for the world rings increasingly hollow.

So now they're trying to ban divestment campaigns outright. Don't let them get away with it.