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Tell Biden: nominate a climate leader as Fed Chair

The Federal Reserve enables the financing of fossil fuel expansion during a climate crisis. Our central bank needs to do its job and steer the economy towards a just and sustainable future. That begins with new leadership.

Will you add your name to demand that President Biden nominate a climate leader as the Federal Reserve Chair?


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Reserve — the United States’ central public bank — bankrolled fossil fuel companies to the tune of billions of dollars. That 👏🏿was 👏🏽not 👏🏻public relief. We demand public money for public good.

We need a central bank that supports BIPOC communities fighting on the frontlines of COVID-19, racial and economic injustice, and climate destruction. Instead, the Federal Reserve is neglecting to regulate the banks financing oil, gas, and coal expansion projects, actively funding the climate crisis.

Under Jerome Powell’s leadership, the Federal Reserve pumped money into fossil fuel companies during a climate emergency. It’s time for those emergency funds to go towards creating a just and sustainable future.

The solution is clear: fossil fuels are an existential risk to our climate, communities, and economy. The Federal Reserve must act on its key role in tackling the climate crisis. It’s up to ordinary people like us to make sure our central bank serves its purpose, and that starts with replacing Jerome Powell as the Fed’s Chair with a true climate champion.

Sign the petition telling Joe Biden to nominate a climate leader as the Federal Reserve Chair.


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