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Councils: build all-electric, gas free new homes and businesses

NSW councils have the power to change their planning rules to require all-electric, gas-free new developments. And the best part is that councils don’t need to wait for the state government - they can take this leadership on their own. 

There’s a growing movement sweeping the country to create all-electric, new neighbourhoods powered by clean and affordable energy.  The ACT, Victoria, Waverley and Parramatta Councils have recently banned gas from new homes, while Sydney Council is moving towards all-electric, gas-free new homes and businesses.

Sign the petition to call on your council to follow Waverley, Parramatta and Sydney Councils’ lead in building all-electric, gas free new homes and businesses. 

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Gas is a dirty fossil fuel that is driving climate change at a time when the world needs to immediately slash greenhouse gas emissions. Gas is accelerating the climate crisis because it can be up to 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide when in the atmosphere. 

Not only is gas expansion destroying Country and worsening climate change, it’s also highly toxic to human health. Decades of medical research shows the alarming health impacts that gas pollution causes when used indoors. 

The good news is that homes and businesses that run on all-electric appliances without gas, are cheaper to run for occupants. Recent modelling shows that homes in Sydney could save $924 per year on their energy bills if they switched gas appliances like hot water units, heaters, ovens and stoves, for electric ones. This is because buildings fitted out with efficient, electric appliances and energy efficiency upgrades use far less energy than inefficient, gas-fuelled homes. 

All-electric, gas-free homes and businesses are: 

  • Good for the climate, as less energy is needed to heat and cool electric, efficient homes and businesses, reducing our reliance on polluting gas.
  • Good for our health, as electric appliances like stoves, heaters and cooktops don’t produce the harmful toxins and pollution that gas ones do.
  • Cheaper to run, meaning lower energy bills.

Only developers and gas corporations benefit from keeping us connected to gas. It’s time to go gas-free and all electric. It’s time for all councils to continue their bold climate leadership by phasing out gas from new developments. 


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