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Don't scrap the climate pledge!

A leaked document has shown that the UK Government is planning to scrap its £11.6bn climate pledge. 

But they have not yet confirmed that they’re definitely going ahead with these plans, so right now we have a chance to create a surge of public pressure to push the Prime Minister to reverse this outrageous plan.

Add your name to tell Rishi Sunak and the UK Government: Scrapping the climate pledge would be an enormous betrayal of the most vulnerable communities in the world, it undermines nature protections and risks plunging the world even further into climate chaos. Prioritise climate action, keep the pledge!

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Leaked Foreign Office documents show that the UK Government is making plans to scrap the £11.6bn climate and nature pledge that was announced at COP26, the UN climate meeting in Glasgow. [1] This comes as the UK government gives tax breaks to fossil fuel companies worth £11.4 billion.[2]

This is absolutely unacceptable. This money is desperately needed by the communities most affected by, and vulnerable to the disastrous effects of the climate crisis. As one of the world’s richest countries, we have a responsibility to help these countries and pay our fair share to help them adapt and move towards a greener future with affordable energy for all. 

The pledge was intended to channel much needed money to developing and under-resourced countries to tackle the impacts of climate change and fund solutions. £3bn was also earmarked for nature protection and restoration. This was both part of a global effort agreed at COP26 and also to account for some of the UK's historic role in creating the climate crisis.

In a year where the UK has just experienced its warmest June in recorded history, and climate impacts are undeniable and affecting countries all across the world, this news shows a complete ignorance of the severity of the climate crisis. 

If the UK Government wants the UK to be seen as a climate leader, the bare minimum they need to do is to keep their promise to some of the world’s most affected people and communities. The world is watching. 


1: The Guardian, ‘Revealed: UK plans to drop flagship £11.6bn climate pledge’

2: StopCambo: ‘UK Windfall tax loophole explained’

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