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Oil corporations did this: make them pay for a liveable future!

The climate crisis is here. More devastating floods, droughts and fires are hitting us close to home and around the world.

At the same time, the coal, oil and fossil gas corporations that caused this crisis are making record profits. All while ordinary people everywhere are struggling with the surging cost of living.

That’s not right. To protect our planet’s future – and our own health – we need our leaders to take practical action. 

They must make oil corporations pay up by taxing their excess profits, and use the money to fund a swift transition to just, clean, renewable energy for everyone. 

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We know that taxing fossil fuel companies alone is not enough to solve the climate crisis. We need governments to stop funding coal, oil and gas projects, and redirect money towards a rapid transition to renewable energy for everyone. 

But to make the transition fair, we need to hold those responsible accountable. That means putting people above polluters. And taxing energy companies' massive unjust profits to fund access to clean, renewable energy for all is a good start. 

But it's only the beginning. Governments must distribute the money fairly – including to those most affected by climate change around the world, in countries that had the least to do with creating the crisis, and those without adequate access to electricity. 

That means rich countries, who have enabled and profited from fossil fuels powering their rapid development, must pay their debt. That way, countries vulnerable to the biggest impacts caused by the climate crisis can adapt and develop their own clean energy systems - bypassing the need for dirty energy from coal oil and gas altogether. 

We won’t let the fossil fuel industry celebrate massive profits made on our backs again. Not while we struggle with the impacts they caused and the rising costs of living. And certainly not to invest them into destructive coal, oil and fossil gas projects.

We need a just and clean livable future for all. One which protects ordinary people everywhere from taking on the cost of this crisis big energy companies caused. 

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