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Tell President Biden: support loss and damage finance at COP27!

People are being hit by climate disasters every day. Disasters that rich countries caused by burning fossil fuels. 

Right now, world leaders at COP27 are debating whether big polluting countries should pay for the unavoidable losses and damages they have caused.

But one of the biggest polluters, the United States, could derail this progress. Unless they back it, this won’t get off the ground. 

It’s time for U.S. President, Joe Biden, to step up and be the climate leader he promised to be. That starts with cash support for people and countries affected by climate change. 


Tell President Biden: support loss and damage finance at COP27!

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Dear President Biden,

We're calling on you to support Loss and Damage Financing at COP27 and provide financing for a just transition for countries most affected by climate change.

From the devastating floods in Pakistan to Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico, climate catastrophe is happening everywhere, every day.

Countries from the Global South are bearing the brunt of the climate crisis. At the same time, big carbon emitters, like the U.S., continue to pollute the environment and profit off fossil fuels. It’s estimated the U.S. is responsible for 20% of all global carbon emissions. [1] 

It’s time for rich, polluting countries to pay their fair share, and make sure nations on the frontlines of the climate crisis are compensated for the damages caused by climate change driven by corporate greed.

Please, be the climate leader you promised to be when elected and support Loss and Damage Financing at COP27.


[1] Analysis: Which countries are historically responsible for climate change? - Carbon Brief 

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