We’re asking college & university alumni around the country to take a pledge: this year, don’t give to your alma mater. Don’t donate until they agree to divest from fossil fuels.

To college & university administrators, alumni are potential donors first and foremost -- so let’s send them a message they can’t ignore. Tell your alma mater that if they’re investing in fossil fuels, you’re NOT investing in them.

Let's remind our colleges & universities of the ideals they stand for: the pursuit of truth, the development of a strong moral compass, and the ability to use that compass to stand up for what’s right.

Students around the country have been doing amazing work to call out the fossil fuel industry through divestment. They’ve run petitions, tabled on campus, held educational events, pushed the envelope with marches and sit-ins, and met with dozens of administrations. They’ve had some exciting victories — and received a few rejections that have only made them stronger. Now it’s time for the rest of us to pitch in.

Nine U.S. schools have already pledged to divest from fossil fuels. Click here to find out if your school is on the list. If your alma mater is one of the awesome few, post a note of thanks on their Facebook page!

Not an alum? The divestment movement still needs your help! Click here to plug in.

I am an alumna/alumnus, and I believe in fossil fuel divestment. Climate change is real, climate change is here, and it is unconscionable for educational insitutions to invest in the very companies threatening to destroy students' futures. I pledge to withhold donations to my alma mater until such time as they choose to do the right and prudent thing: divest from fossil fuels.


We still have your information from last time, just click below to sign. If this isn't you, click here to log out.

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