Time for the ACRA to Take a Stand

Right now, the Aspen Chamber Resort Association (or ACRA) is mulling over whether or not to drop its membership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and we’re working to ensure that they make the right decision. We need folks living in or near Aspen to contact The Aspen Times and The Aspen Daily News to help keep the pressure on.

350 Colorado organizer Micah Parkin recently published an Op-Ed calling for the ACRA to step up. Will you join her by sending in a Letter to the Editor today or tomorrow?

  • Mention that you’re responding to Micah Parkin’s Op-Ed published in The Aspen Times on February 25, titled “It’s time for ACRA to take a stand”
  • State the problem—that ACRA is still a dues-paying member to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce—and why you are personally concerned about that.
  • State the solution with a call to action (i.e. ACRA needs to do the right thing by quitting the U.S. Chamber)
  • Note that Aspen has already shown national leadership in the fight against climate change with the passing of solutions-based measures like Challenge Aspen and the Canary Initiative, and many local organizations and businesses—including Aspen Skiing Co.—outright oppose the U.S. Chamber for its extreme right-wing rhetoric and anti-climate lobbying.

Tip: Make sure to put these points in your own words to increase the chance it will be published.

  1. Include your contact information - You'll be required to include a street address to identify the nearest newspapers, but include your phone number as well so editors can get in touch if they want to follow up.
  2. Be brief - There is not a lot of space available for letters to the editor. Make good use of fewer words. Be direct, be consise, and be clear.
  3. Include details - This may seem to contradict "Be brief," but make sure to include the important details in your LTE. Who are you? What is the problem? What is the solution? Are there one or two specific facts you can cite to support your argument?
  4. Be local - We're not targeting the Wall Street Journal here. Your local paper wants local voices. Make sure your LTE reflects that. Note things like "As a 10 year Aspen resident..." or "I've shopped at [insert local business name here] for years and..."