Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet just approved the Kinder Morgan and Line 3 tar sands pipelines. By making this decision, they have chosen the interests of the fossil fuel industry over Indigenous peoples, communities across Canada, youth, students, and climate science.

This pipeline is vehemently opposed by First Nations and communities all along its route – and they will fight to make sure these projects will never be built. Let Prime Minister Trudeau know that you will stand with these communities. 

Barely a year after taking office, Trudeau has already abandoned the very promises that landed him his position in office. He swore to make Canada an international climate leader, and to build a nation-to-nation relationship with Indigenous peoples. Approving pipelines completely contradicts these commitments.

If built, both the Kinder Morgan and Line 3 pipelines will steamroll over Indigenous rights and make it impossible for Canada to meet the global climate change commitments made in Paris. Kinder Morgan would make an oil spill in the Pacific Ocean almost inevitable

Let's tell Prime Minister Trudeau that Kinder Morgan and other tar sands pipelines will not be built. We will join tens of thousands of people across Canada to stand united in non-violent resistance against tar sands. 

Dear Prime Minister,

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