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The policy we have to stop

Australia desperately needs an effective climate change policy.

This government is comprehensively failing to deliver and the policy they are offering – the NEG (National Energy Guarantee) – doesn’t effectively deal with emissions and is likely to put a brake on the renewable energy sector. This is not a case of “something is better than nothing”. This is a case of a downright negative policy that will make things worse.

The good news is that the NEG is not a done deal. Yet.

In early August the federal government is meeting with the states and territories at CoAG (Council of Australian Governments) to try to get an agreement on the NEG. If the states oppose the NEG then it cannot proceed.

Will you call on your state and territory energy leaders to make sure that the NEG doesn’t NEGatively impact renewables and clean energy in this country?

We need a national policy that will deliver on our commitments to the Paris Agreement, for the sake of clean air, clean water, and a safe and liveable climate.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg are desperately trying to push this policy through, but have been focussed on appeasing climate deniers within their own government. The result is a policy that is worse than nothing.

We need to make sure Malcolm Turnbull and Josh Frydenberg understand Australia needs to step up its commitment to climate action. We need to choose clean energy over coal.

Our best chance of stopping this NEGative policy is to make sure state and territory energy representatives are leading for the whole country. Will you ask them to stand against the NEG?

Western Australia and the Northern Territory are not part of the National Energy Market, but energy leaders in these areas can still speak out against the NEG at CoAG.

Image: Consumers Energy

Call on your state and territory energy leaders to make sure that the NEG doesn’t NEGatively impact renewables.

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