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CLIMATE CHANGE (click to add)

A national coal closure and clean energy transition plan is urgently needed to address climate change - Australia has an old fleet of highly polluting coal power plants that represent our single largest contribution to global warming. Australia’s share of a global carbon budget to stay below 2 degrees, let alone 1.5 degrees is practically non-existent and so closure of coal power stations is a critical priority. Australia’s electricity system must be 100% renewable by 2030 if not sooner, which means kickstarting an urgent coal closure process now.

COMMUNITY & WORKERS (click to add)

A national coal closure and clean energy transition plan is urgently needed to ensure a just transition for our communities and workers. Coal power stations are one of the most significant sources of toxic air pollutants that harm human health and local environments. As the inevitable transition to clean energy takes place it is critical that the states and Federal Government create transparent and fair support plans for communities and workers in and around coal generators.


The cost of closure, rehabilitation and support plans for communities must be put back onto the big companies that have profited from polluting air and pumping carbon into the air for decades, not just the taxpayer.


More information:

  1. Implications for Australia of a 1.5 degree future
    Stockholm Environment Institute
  2. Sub-Critical Australia: Risks from Market Imbalance in the Australian National Electricity Market
    Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis

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    Solar Citizens

  4. Joint Statement on the Health Effects of Coal in Australia
    Climate Council

  5. The Senate Inquiry Page

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