Dear Minister Burke,

This week, thousands of people across the 28 States of India are rallying outside coal fuelled power plants and at coal ports to demand the Indian government move the country beyond coal.

It’s clear that India needs new energy sources - but to maintain a safe climate future for the world, we cannot afford India to be powered by coal.

It is a massive challenge and Australia has a key role to play. Indian companies GVK and Adani are proposing a series of mega-mines in Australia’s Galilee Basin to fuel their coal power expansion plans. GVK has just received approval for its controversial “Alpha Coal Project” that includes a massive new coal terminal right in the middle in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. Adani Group has plans to build what would be, by far, Australia’s biggest coal mine, along with another massive coal export terminal at Abbot Point and nearby Dudgeon Point.

Apart from the impacts on the Great Barrier Reef, these projects are a catastrophe for the climate. It is a global problem and it requires a global response.

The momentum against coal is growing around the world. I’m writing this letter because, as an Australian concerned about climate change, I stand with the people of India and Australians who want to protect our environment to ask you to help us find urgent solutions to this issue and not to support the enormous planned growth in Australian coal exports now on the table.

Australia has a huge role to play in solving climate change globally, and it needs to start with putting an end to the permits you have issued to the Adani Group and GVK to develop mega coal ports at Abbot Point and Dudgeon Point. Minister Burke, it’s time you put an end to these destructive mega-projects and help Australia become an active player in developing the solution to climate change while protecting our own national environment.

Thank you for your attention,


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Australia has a big role to play in solving the climate crisis. Stop the mega-coal ports at Abbot Point and Dudgeon Point.


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