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1. We need a plan to get 100% renewables electricity

Climate science tells us that the world needs to rapidly decarbonise. The 50% target should be seen as a floor not a ceiling, and any policy measure put in place should allow for a more rapid uptake of renewables in Queensland. More renewables, more quickly will lead to better outcomes from Queensland. We need more than 400MW of renewables built by 2020 and to implement 5 year reviews to consider increasing the target.

2. The Renewable Energy Target needs to be legislated

The renewable energy target should be legislated to ensure industry and community certainty, show political commitment to the inevitable clean energy transition and reduce the risk of future delay.  South Australia, ACT and Victoria have all legislated or are in the process of legislating their renewables targets. Legislated targets are likely to be more attractive to industry. 

3. Queensland needs a plan to retire its dirty coal plants and to support communities and workers affected

Queensland needs to equip itself for the energy transition and must recognise that the closure of coal fired power stations in Queensland is inevitable and will occur more quickly than the Expert Panel sets out. Coal power stations are one of the most significant sources of toxic air pollutants that harm human health and local environments. As the inevitable transition to clean energy takes place it is critical that the Queensland Government create transparent and fair support plans for communities and workers in and around coal generators. 

4. QLDs target should be achieved through QLD based projects

The report currently indicates that up to 3,900GWh of electricity generation or approximately 13% of the target could be met by projects built under the National Renewables scheme. Considering projects built elsewhere as contributors to the Queensland target is misleading the public and short changing the climate. Only renewable projects built in Queensland should contribute to the Queensland target.

5. Keep our power in public hands!

Currently, 60% of Queensland’s generation fleet is Government owned. Yet, the report only prioritises private investment models for building large scale renewables. This will lead to a gradual privatisation of our electricity sector. 

I strongly recommend that:

  • A mix of community, public and privately owned renewables are considered

  • Government-owned corporations are supported to get into the renewables game and existing power-station workers be retrained in renewables.  

  • The Queensland Government implement the Community Powerhouses policy, which was adopted by the Federal ALP earlier this year and supports community energy , social access and equity and will support a diverse range of actors to leverage their money, land, time and skills to help the renewable energy transition.

  • The report should focus more on the importance of transitioning remote communities from diesel.

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