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If Energy East needs a climate test -- so does Kinder Morgan.

The Energy East pipeline is finally dead. TransCanada, the company behind the pipeline, pulled the plug on the project because it would need to pass a climate test. We’ve always known that tar sands pipelines and climate action don’t mix. Apparently, Big Oil knows it too.

This news also tells us that people powered organizing works. Thousands of people across Canada participated in the Energy East review calling for climate change to be considered in the assessment and thousands more took action in their communities to stop this project.

Today, let’s thank Prime Minister Trudeau and his Environment and Natural Resource Ministers, for listening to us and setting up a proper climate test for pipelines. And let’s demand that Kinder Morgan face the same test.

Prime Minister Trudeau approved the Kinder Morgan pipeline without any sort of a consideration for the impact it would have on climate change. Let him and Ministers McKenna and Carr know that if Energy East needed a climate test -- so does Kinder Morgan.

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, Minister McKenna and Minister Carr,

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