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DeCOALonise Nigeria - Halt All Coal Mining

We’re calling for a halt of coal mining in Nigeria

Nigeria has a serious problem of power generation. But is coal the right answer? Definitely No!

Burning coal raises the level of carbon dioxide, goes against the Nigerian government plans pledges for low carbon development pathway and contradicts the Paris Climate Agreement ratified by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 2017.

While governments around the world are switching to more cleaner, efficient and sustainable energy solutions, there is no valid argument to explore coal options. Nigeria is now in a position to switch to more viable forms of energy instead of relying on conventional fuels that cause irreversible harm to the eco-system.

Burning coal poses severe health, human and environmental effects. Emissions are responsible for respiratory illnesses, cardiovascular disease, asthma attacks, brain damage and cancer. They affect the environment by creating acid rain, depleting surface or groundwater and contribute to global climate change.

Stop Coal Mining Now, DeCOALonise Nigeria!

The Federal Government of Nigeria in 2017 ratified the Paris Agreement and therefore has an obligation to reduce its carbon emission and this include among several other actions the outright ban on Coal mining.

We are therefore urging all fellow citizens of Nigeria, and Africans at large, to sign this petition in the hopes of having a cleaner air, cleaner water, more fertile soils and lastly healthier people who will collectively preserve the environment and embrace best world practices in all forms of mining.

It’s time for Nigeria to join the rest of the world in banning coal mining and making the world a better place to live in. It’s time to deCOALonise!

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