Should New York State divest its pension fund from destructive fossil fuels? There's a movement growing that says YES:

At $160 billion, our state's Common Retirement Fund is the third largest pension plan in the country, and it's heavily invested in the fossil fuel industry. 

Climate change is real, it's here, and it's endangering the biodiversity and natural resources we depend on, as well as the physical infrastructure that makes our state run. So why are we invested in the very companies driving this crisis?

The State Comptroller has the power to make New York the first state in the country to divest from fossil fuels. If you think it's time for New York to take a stand, send Comptroller DiNapoli a message.


I am a NYS citizen, tax payer, and voter. I am calling on you, Comptroller DiNapoli, to immediately divest the NYS Common Retirement Fund from any fossil fuel holdings. Climate change threatens our state's natural resources, physical infrastructure, biodiversity, and way of life. Investing in fossil fuels only makes this crisis worse, while undermining the CRF's long-term stability. Shareholder engagement has produced no significant change in major fossil fuel companies' behavior or business plans. Exxon Mobil & Shell's recent reports are clear statements that neither corporation intends to transition away from fossil fuels or curtail greenhouse gas emissions. It's an election year. Over 12,000 New York citizens have already called on you to divest the Common Retirement Fund, and it's time to take action. Divestment is the responsible and prudent course for New York State.


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