CommBank: it's your turn to rule out Adani

It was recently discovered - through leaked documents - that CommBank is Adani's transactional banker. 

That's right, as thousands were turning out at #StopAdani Roadshows around the country in March, CommBank was enabling Adani to pay a $1.6 million deposit on the water licence for their disastrous coal mine, via a Commonwealth Bank account.

Adani's mine would wreck the Reef and lock in a climate catastrophe - something CommBank has promised to avoid.

This is unacceptable. Over twenty banks here and overseas have said no to Adani. Why won't CommBank?

Recently, community and customer pressure helped push Westpac to rule out the Adani mine. And now it's time for us to turn that torrent of voices - from all around the country - to CommBank. We won't accept our biggest bank facilitating the destruction of our precious climate.

Send a message to CommBank now using the letter tool to the right of the screen - and let CommBank know that we expect better.

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