Fracking wells dot a Western landscape.

Hydraulic fracturing is a heavy industrial process whereby 5 million+ barrels of water are mixed with hundreds of undisclosed and often toxic chemicals and then injected into the earth under extremely high pressure to force “natural gas” (methane) to the surface so it can be sold. Fracking has been exposed as a dirty and dangerous “extreme energy” that poses grave risks to public health, clean air and water, and a stable climate.

Coloradans demand that a moratorium on fracking be put in place immediately, until such time as it is shown to be safe. Current regulations have proven insufficient to stop contamination of groundwater from inevitable spills or prevent human exposure to toxic emissions that are known to cause cancer and other illness. Furthermore, a huge amount of methane leaks from fracking well-heads, leading some researchers to surmise that fracking may be as dangerous to our climate as burning coal—if not more so. With climate change placing even more stress on scarce water resources, it is unconscionable to use and permanently remove from the water cycle the vast quantities of fresh water consumed by the process. For more fracking facts and research, visit

The federal government is not protecting us, so we must call on our state and local leaders to protect our health and welfare. Lacking conclusive evidence that fracking is safe and with mounting evidence to the contrary, Coloradans demand an immediate statewide moratorium on fracking.

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